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The Airborne Mini SAR ( GrandView-No.1) Is Ready for The Practical Application
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    Thanks to three times successful UAV payload trial test from 28th, May to 30rd, May,2021 in HengShui UAV test field. Grandview-No.1 proves that it is capable of producing the real-time image with 0.2 resolution and adaptable to various of the multi-rotor and fixed wing UAV, enjoys the characteristics of Synthetic Aperture Radar including all weather and full-time data collecting, which can be widely employed in national defense, topography, mapping, marine researching, agriculture & forestry monitoring as well as the disaster evaluation.

    Meanwhile, the successful trial test results demonstrate Grandview-No.1 with the advanced and high precision microwave imaging ability.

Pseudo-color image of UVA hangar
Pseudo-color image of two flight lines

he Smart Satellite® team fully devoted to the key technology study of the Synthetic Aperture Radar, analyze three flight tests in detail, upgrade the software and hardware including the instrument polarization and imaging quality improvement, which represent Smart Satellite® R & D team is professional and energetic in the field of synthetic aperture radar research and development.

    Smart Satellite® as a commercial remote sensing satellite company, dedicates to build the full production chain of the satellite business. You are welcome to contact us for different types of cooperation.


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